Thursday, January 5, 2012

Freiburg Food

Hi there pals...
Sorry I'm sucking at cranking out the rest of these blogposts, but oh well... I am doing them now so just deal with it.
I am sort of mad that I didn't write down what I did in bulleted notes to help me remember later on because now I am writing a month later and you start forgetting things.
So here it goes. Here is what I remember...

I'm actually rather excited about this post because believe it or not I LOVE FOOD. If I wasn't a lover of food I'd be dead right now. That's right. Dead.
And since I'm obviously not dead right now, there is your stinking proof. Well, not stinking actually because I just took a shower. Yes, so I actually smell quite nice right now.

Confession Time: I like Italian food better than German food. 
Why? You may ask.
Well, there just seems to be A LOT of meat (and not exactly my favorite kind of meat) and onions (and I KNOW we went over the onion issue). 

But here is what I LOVE about German food:
Pretzels. (We'll get to this in a moment.)
White sausages. 

Ok, so before I came to Germany what I knew of pretzels had to do with what I ate at Auntie Anne's Pretzel's. My parents actually used to own one by the way, so needless to say I've had my fair share of pretzels to munch on in my lifetime. 
Well, German pretzels are freaking delicious. BETTER than Auntie Anne's Pretzels by far and you know what is the kind of funny thing? I hate A.A.P's plain pretzels, but good god in Germany they are freaking fantastic. I got mine fresh out of the oven and they were just perfect. Perfectly salted and just perfect. It was basically just like this really, really, really good bread. 

This is what I had for lunch. Lucky right?

Some yummy goulash too. :)
Uta took me down to Freiburg and we went to this restaurant that was famous for their beer (at least I think they were famous for their beer). I just had water if any of you are wondering. Uta and I ordered some white sausages with some mustard and a pretzel and it was absolutely fantastic. 
Pretty color. :)
Uta asked me what I wanted, but basically I just wanted something traditionally German and something she liked as well... just as long as it didn't include onions because you know how much I hate those dang onions. Gah! I hate, hate, hate onions. 
What is interesting is that you can't eat the skins of these sausages. You have to push the meat out of their casing's. This is only for the white sausages. Lets just say that I had an interesting time getting the meat out at first. The mustard that went along with it was absolutely delicious as well. It was on the sweet side and I when I was done I literally wanted to lick the rest out of the little container it was in. 

I didn't though. That would be rude. 
Oh but it would be yummy in my tummy. 

Freiburg was a very interesting town. Let me tell you more about it. 
More cobblestones! :)

There are the water thingys and the awesome street art. 
Yep... It is exactly what you think it is. 
Like many European towns it had cobblestone streets, but unlike the other European towns I had visited in the past in had these little waterways/gutter-things that ran along the streets. I think Uta said they went to the river. I'm not sure if they were used for draining or anything like that. Sorry. I just don't remember at the moment. But they were certainly fun to jump over. 

Now the highlight of Freiburg had to be the Munster Cathedral. This is one weird cathedral if I do say so myself. 

It is made of some sort of red brick, which probably isn't the fancy official name, but oh well... that is how I am describing it. It is a very tall cathedral and surrounding it was this VERY busy market where Uta bought a lot of goodies. I really wanted to get a pretzel there or something, but we held off so that I could eat the yummy food I mentioned earlier. 
Ok, so back to this cathedral. Around it are all these crazy gargoyles and such. There are a lot of rain drains (rhyming words there!) that came out of various gargoyles mouths. Well, one of these drains was actually a person and it was coming out of this person's bare butt!!! I couldn't believe it. 
It was hilarious and absolutely repulsive at the same time. I asked Uta what the architects were thinking and she said: They must have had a great sense of humor. 
And this was very, very true. 

Later that day in Freiburg Uta bought me this REALLY spectacularly delicious treat. It was like a sugar cookie (almost) with DARK chocolate (dark chocolate is the ultimate best by the way) and nuts. What kind of nuts? Not entirely sure. I am going to guess at peanuts. Super yummy. I started munching on it and then thought: Maybe I should take a picture of this. 
Yum! I want one right now. :)
And then so I did so that you could see this masterpiece. 
Yum. Yum. Yum! It was good. 

Here are some more fun pictures of what I did in this fun town. 

The End. Well at least for this post. No worries. We will meet again. Wahahaha. :)

Love Your Dear Friend, 

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